ActionWins BETA LIST

Thanks for all the support during our BETA List launch! Many of you have already scheduled meetings with me to get early access to the ActionWins API and Plugin for building referral marketing campaigns and features. You also had a lot of questions about our experience launching on BETA List. I’ve written a breakdown of what happened below.

We now have well over 500 customers signed up for our BETA. Given the demand for our product, I need to prioritize who gets on-boarded. To do this I’m asking each of you to fill out this survey. Those who fill out the survey will jump to the head of the line and get access first. I’ll also work closely with you to help you design the right referral campaigns for your business and to make sure the integration goes smoothly.

Fill out the survey here. It will only take a minute.

Here’s the breakdown of my experience with BETA List

I signed up and submitted our application to BETA list about 4 weeks ago under their free plan. I’d never done this before and wanted to see if it would be effective on the free plan. BETA list reviewed my application and got back to me with in about 2 weeks to let me know that we’d been accepted.

Once I knew I’d been accepted I started to do some research to see what I could do to help maximize our reach on BETA List. I found that driving traffic to your listing and getting people to leave a “heart” at the bottom would increase visibility to our campaign. I have several email lists that I’ve built over the last year that I used to promote the launch. I also posted in every several Slack communities and facebook groups where I’m active.

The day that we got listed we received 253 unique visits to our landing page. Since then BETA list drove 756 visitors to our landing page with an 18% conversion rate!

There are two reasons why our landing page converted so well.

  1. BETA list drove highly targeted customers to our site.
  2. Great customer research

When I first built our landing page, I went up to San Francisco and interviewed 25 SaaS companies to learn about their referral marketing needs. I showed them our landing page and watched them review the copy. I learned a ton about how to effectively communicate my value propositions.

For example, I originally used this headline:

“An API and JavaScript Plugin to Add Referral Marketing Campaigns To Web and Mobile Apps”

For many of my interviewees, this headline used too many buzzwords and left them unclear as to what ActionWins does. After hearing this about ten times I switched my headline to:

“Incentivize your customers to refer their friends and earn rewards”

I then used Optimizely to A/B test my different headlines. The above headline performed the best. Putting in the leg work to get feedback on our landing page was critical to increasing our conversion rate.

The side effect to all our hard work is a large waiting list and multiple paying customers who we’ll be onboarding next week!

If you want to hop to the front of the line, please fill out this survey!


How getting featured on BETA List got us paying customers!