Everyone knows that Uber has explosive growth. Without a doubt this is in large part to the company’s ability to drive growth through referral marketing.

Uber Referral Program

Many of you have been reaching out wondering how you can add referral features to your mobile applications using our API. In this short video, I walk you through what you need to know to do this as well as a few points to think about when structuring your rewards if you’re a B2B SaaS business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Your referral conversions should be tracked in two steps.
    • Your advocate sends out a referral link to a friend
    • The friend clicks this link and is directed to an account creation landing page on the web. This is the first step in counting your referral.
    • After creating her account, the friend downloads your app and logs in for the first time. This is when you run an API call to Action Wins notifying our system that a referral occurred.
  • Make sure your rewards align with your revenue model.

It’s easy to setup a two-part referral using our API and we give you all the necessary endpoints to generate the unique URL for your referral marketing campaign. Just check out ourĀ Referral Marketing API.

Referral Marketing API

If you need a developer to help you integrate this type of feature into your application, just go to our website and schedule a time to talk with one of our customer success representatives. We have engineers on our team who can add this feature to any kind of web or mobile application.

What other questions do you have about referral marketing?


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How to drive app installs using a referral program like Uber