30 Day Growth Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to absolutely CRUSH IT  in 2017. I’m trying to surround myself with as many motivated like minded entrepreneurs as I can. Last week I announced our intention to launch a 30-day growth challenge starting on January 1st. The idea is to create value for your target audience every day for 30 days without expecting anything in return. Having this mindset forces you to focus on value creation instead of selling and to be action oriented.  

Creating value takes time so this challenge may seem daunting. That’s why we need to do a little planning and preparation to start. Before we start, we’ll need to make sure we have a clear SMART  goal. That means your goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based.

Here’s mine:

Specific: Create value for SaaS entrepreneurs through my content, free courses, and free tools.

Measurable: Help 5,000 SaaS entrepreneurs. This will be measured by how much traffic I send to our blog. To do this I’ll create 15 blog articles, 10 video screencasts, and 5 free tools. (notice that’s 30 creations for 30 days! We’ll talk about how to measure all this in our plan.)

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Achievable: Yes, I think I  can drive 5,000 people to my blog in the next month.

Realistic: Check, this seems realistic.

Time-Based: 30 days!

Here’s what we’ll cover in our planning process:

What tools do we need to achieve our goal?

  • I’m going to give you a list of all the tools I’m using.

What does our audience really want?

  • I’m going to write up the specific processes I’ve used to determine what my customers want.

What are ideas for things we can do or create for others? Hint: Focus on your strengths!

How will we get our content and creations in front of people who need it?

  • This post will focus on distribution and promotion. Again, I’ll be listing what I’m doing so that you can have some ideas.

Over the next 4 posts that I make, I’ll cover each one of these topics. If you have questions or ideas that I’ve left out, please tweet me or leave a comment!

I started this challenge to push myself and others and it’s open to anyone who wants to participate. My hope is that part of the value I can create for others is to help you successfully reach your goal.

Join the 30 Day Growth Community Here.

Your task today is to create your smart goals and either link to them below or tweet them to me.



How to set goals for your 30 day growth challenge.