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I was reading through Hiten Shah’s email today about his early days leveraging content marketing to grow Kissmetrics. And it gave me an idea for how all of us can work together to grow our businesses through sharing each others content.

He wrote: “Our content marketing strategy was pretty simple. We would share useful links about analytics and marketing on our Twitter account. Most of the links were from other people’s blogs….By June 2010 we had 1,587 websites using Kissmetrics”

This strategy took a lot of time but was very effective. I’m always looking for good SaaS related content to share and something tells me you are too.

So here’s my idea: Why don’t we all team up to share each other content on a regular basis? I could build a simple community where everyone can submit their content. It would also include your twitter handle and maybe some kind of upvoting mechanism.

Whenever you have content you’d like to share you post it to the group and then if we like it, we’ll share it with our audiences. It would have to be high-quality content and the community would need to self-regulate. This community would be specific to other SaaS businesses.

Whenever someone shares an article from the community, community members will also retweet that article etc. I think it makes sense to make the community invite only from the start.

The MVP of this idea will be an email list where each week community members submit their articles to my team for review. We’ll select the highest quality content and then blast it out to the rest of the list for distribution.

I’m running a 30-day challenge to drive growth without the expectation of anything in return and think that this is in line with the spirit of the challenge.

What do you think? Should I go ahead and make this happen?

If enough people decide this is a good idea, I’ll build it.

I’m going to make this a part of our 30-day growth challenge. Sign up if you’re interested.

Join the 30 Day Growth Community Here.

Let’s leverage each other’s content marketing to accelerate growth.
  • Bryan Forsythe

    Hey yeah! Sounds good Alex.

  • Sounds like a great plan Alex. I joined a small community for my personal blog and we all shared each other’s content. It helps a lot not only with sharing our contents but also with making connections. Have you started your plan already?

    • Alex Kehaya

      Hey Emmerey, The 30 day growth challenge is going great. I ran a couple of experiment for getting others to submit content but so far haven’t had too many submissions. I have did find some other really valuable activities that have worked for the 30-day challenge.

      • Glad to hear it’s been working good for you.