SaaS Growth Hacks

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been a part of a growing community of SaaS Founders, Heads of Growth, and Growth Hackers. There are thousands of people from all over the world who are building interesting SaaS businesses and working together to share ideas and create value.

Started in 2016 by Aaron Krall, this group is quickly becoming one of the largest online communities of SaaS professionals in the world.

Community is an incredibly valuable proposition in the SaaS world. It provides those of us in the SaaS industry a place to go where we can interact with other entrepreneurs and professionals who face similar challenges.

The incredible part about the SaaS Growth Hacks community is it’s ability to stay open and authentic. There aren’t a bunch of random people posting links and spamming. There are no stupid Trolls talking sh*t about you on every post. Just authentic and valuable conversation around topics that SaaS people care about.

Last week Aaron and I launched The site serves as a place for all members of the community to list their products and services with unique discounts and offers for others in the community. It’s also a place for community members to refer other SaaS professionals to the group.

Referral Marketing

Each time someone signs up and lists their product or service, Aaron and I go in and validate that they are offering something that is real and high quality. We then approve their listing and let them into the Facebook group.

Every time members of the group refer a friend they earn points towards $10,000 in free and discounted products that help them scale their SaaS.

SaaS Growth Hacks Community

This is a lot of manual effort but it helps us to keep the group high quality and is a major reason that people love it so much.

I built the web application for SaaS Growth Hacks as a part of my 30-day growth challenge. The idea was that I’d do whatever I could in 30-days to create value for others without the expectation of anything in return.

So far, the directory and community building efforts have been a great success with over 70 signups in just a few days and 25 products listed. Due in large part to Aaron’s efforts the group has grown by 900 members in the past 30 days alone!

This will be an ongoing case study to see how we can leverage building a valuable platform and use referral marketing to grow an online community!

If you’re interested in growing an online community or using referral marketing to drive growth feel free to reach out to us here.

SaaS Growth Hacks, Join the community of over 2,500 SaaS Founders, Heads of Growth, and Growth Hackers.