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When I first started ActionWins the number one challenge every one of my customers said they have is driving growth and traction for their startup.

Traction by Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg is probably one of the best books on growth that I’ve ever read and I’ve been sharing it with everyone that I know who’s trying to build a business.

Throughout the book the authors, Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg, map out the 19 different channels that you can test in order to drive growth and get traction at any startup.

I love this book because they detail specific actions that you can take in each channel to quickly and inexpensivly discover the one growth channel you should focus on for your company. They also back up these strategies with real stories from founders just like you who are experts in their given channel.

They break this strategy into two parts, Bullseye and Critical Path. The Bullseye framework forces you to pick three channels that you think might move the needle for your startup and then quickly test each channel until you find one where you can cost effectively acquire customers.  The Critical Path strategy is when you discover one channel that works and decide to focus on that one channel until it becomes saturated. Once this happens, you start over testing three promising new channels until it’s time to focus and scale again.

One caveat of choosing your “Critical Path” is that while you are focused on one main traction channel, you still use other channels to feed into the critical path. For example, Content Marketing leverages Blogger Outreach and Existing Platforms to drive traffic to content that you create.

As the name suggests, ActionWins is all about building products, services, and content that drives growth for our customers. Taking action to get traction and help our customers grow their businesses is in our DNA. We specialize in helping our customers build and optimize viral marketing campaigns (There’s an awesome chapter on this in the book!).

Here are the three channels that we’ve been testing on our way to discovering our Critical Path.

  • Content Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Engineering as Marketing

Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll be documenting our Bullseye strategy and the experiments we run to discover our Critical Path.

These will be specific case studies about what worked and what didn’t work. I’ll share how we created and marketed a free course on viral marketing that drove over 400 leads and $4,000 in sales before we ever wrote a single line of code. How leveraging existing platforms like BetaList and Product Hunt increased traffic to our landing page. And more.

We’ll also be interviewing founders and growth marketers of successful businesses who’ve been in the trenches driving growth.

I’m reaching out to my personal network, email lists, and various online communities to find founders who are willing to share their stories. I’ll write all of the content myself and just need you to answer a few questions on your growth strategy. I’ll be promoting your brand in the article and allow you full access to the content if you’d like to reuse it elsewhere.

If you’re interested, please take a minute to fill out this form and I’ll get in touch!

Also, if you haven’t purchased a copy of Traction yet… you probably should!

Take Action and Get Traction