I’ve been seeing a lot of queries’ from quora asking about the referral service that The Skimm uses to drive referral growth for their newsletter. So, I decided to record a quick video to go over their program, what they do well, and how you can add this type of referral feature to your application.

From taking a look at their referral program, it is clear that they spent a lot of time and money building this feature in-house. In her article on Medium, Gina Bianchini wrote about how successful The Skimm has been with building a large community of advocates for their business.

The most important thing to note is that The Skimm generates tons of referrals because their customers LOVE their product. I’d never heard about the Skimm before I answered this question on asking What is the referral service The Skimm uses to track their referrals on the newsletter?, but as I started talking to my friends I learned that this is a super popular application.

Basically, it’s a way for people to get access to all the news they need in a format that makes it easy to digest and use in conversation later. They charge $2.99 a month for unlimited usage so they had to structure their rewards to focus on gaining status in their community as SKIMM’BASSADORS. They even took the time to write up an entire guide detailing what it means to be a Skimm’Bassador. This creates a feeling of community and exclusivity.

The Skimm Referral Service

And besides, who doesn’t want to be that friend who shares a cool app that will make you look smart at work!

Since they don’t charge by usage they couldn’t give away free or increased usage of their app as their reward. They had to get creative! First, they make Skimm’Bassadors feel special by making them earn the right to be an ambassador by referring a certain number of friends. After that, they also offer Skimm’bassadors free swag and early access to internship and job opportunities.

We’re huge fans of how they’ve been able to drive growth through referral marketing and how they structured their community and rewards system.

If you’re interested in adding this type of feature to your application, Schedule a demo with us today!

We can have your referral campaign up and running in as little as 15-30 minutes integrated directly with your application or website. I walk through an example application in the video above so if you haven’t watched it then check it out!

What is the referral service The Skimm uses to track their referrals on the newsletter?