Last week I took time to review 8 sales funnels of SaaS products in facebook marketing group that I belong to. I’m doing this as part of my 30-day growth challenge to create value for customers in my target audience without any expectation of anything in return.

The results were awesome!

Konrad Caban from said:

I just watched the video. Twice. This is pure gold, thank you so much.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Konrad’s landing page is their brand. Who doesn’t like a superhero! He has a light-hearted comic book theme that speaks to the fact that his service, reliable uptime monitoring for your website, is a life saver. It’s also a great example of clear copy!

It feels so good to help others improve their business! When you focus on creating value for others as opposed to “making a sale” you end up having more meaningful conversations and build relationships.

I work with startups, innovation departments, and corporate accelerator programs at companies like Cisco, RedHat, Citrix, and Deckers Brands. Mostly, I focus on helping companies achieve growth through creative growth strategies. I saw a couple of patterns from across the sales funnels that I audited that I thought would be helpful to point out to everyone here. I often see these same issues with the companies that I work with from fortune 500s to startups alike.

If you want to see one of the best examples, check out BetterProposals, these guys kill it with their design and copy.

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1. Make sure that you have great content upgrades in all of your blog articles! This means you have something in your articles that is really valuable to your target audience. You give this away for free in exchange for either email address.

ConvertKit has a couple of good articles on content upgrades.

I use LeadPages for my content upgrades and highly recommend it!

2. Make sure you’re headline speaks to the problem/pain that you’re solving for your customer. I noticed a few headlines that were not quite tight enough in their focus or that used too much jargon.

This one by was the most compelling to me:

What an awesome headline and copy. Really easy to see the value proposition.

3. Make sure your customer testimonials are really specific. By this I mean, make sure that you are using customers with real job titles and impactful statements. The best one that I saw was a customer who said “Using I closed 2 five figure deals”.

Great Customer Testimonials
Note how they show this customer’s name, title, company name, and a specific quote about the impact their product had on their business!

I always suggest that you think of the copy on your landing page and ask yourself if you’re using BBQ language. If you had to explain your value proposition to your grandmother or friend at a weekend BBQ what words would you use? I think Unbounce does a pretty good job of this.

4. Use Bitly links and UTM codes in your social profiles. Bitly links are short and track all of your clicks. UTM codes are easy to setup and are used to track conversions from static links like your twitter profile links and/or banner ads. This is really important as it will help you see the ROI that you’re getting from your marketing efforts. If you want me to do a video on UTM code setup, I’m happy to make one. Just comment below.

5. Finally, make sure you have a great on-boarding process that gets your customers using your product and/or converting to paid easily. The best example of this was They take you right into the proposal creation process on sign up. You see the benefit of their product in under 10 clicks!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their sales funnels for review! I’m happy to take a look at anyone else who’s interested.

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What I’ve learned reviewing 8 SaaS landing pages